Ding Dong, New Jersey’s Clean Elections Law is DEAD!

Author: Rory B. Bellows

It is very rare in New Jersey that freedom and liberty get one over on the collectivist utopians, but today we got a HUGE victory. Oh, and by “us”, I mean those of us who actually care about quaint notions like freedom of speech, political expression and the right not to have government dictate to us that our tax dollars must be used as handouts for politicians so their campaigns can be subsidized.

Let’s be clear: New Jersey’s clean election law was evil. The do-gooders who supported this anti-democratic nonsense, I’m sure, had good intentions, but we know where good intentions take us. Forcing tax payers to subsidize political campaigns is tyranny. If you do not like a candidate, or even if you do, there no legitimate reason your tax dollars should help get him or her elected to office. Participating in the political procress is YOUR choice. Opting out is the essential part of freedom. This is as insidious as laws that try to silence free speech by limiting campaign contributions. “Clean” Election laws FORCE you to speak. There can be nothing more stalinist than forcing you to participate in the political process and therefore lend it unearned legitimacy. Campaign contributions obtained at gun point fund candidates and ideas that youmay not favor and therefore receive public hearing, where as in a free market place, those ideas and candidates would fade away due to the public voting with their wallets and funding candidates and ideas that they do support. If a campaign has to be funded by the state pointing a gun at the citizenry to collect the money necessary to run it, is the campaign even worth running in the first place?

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