The Republicans should have ended the convention on Wednesday night

Author: Rory B. Bellows

It is clear that the energy in the party and the appeal of the ticket is with Governor Sarah Palin. Her speech was the high point of the convention and the most memorable GOP convention address since Ronald Reagan’s first acceptence speech. The Republican nomination may be John McCain’s, but it is obvious from the applause her name got last night and the never ending standing ovation she got on Wednesday night, that the heart of the party belongs to Sarah Palin.

John McCain went out there last night and gave one of his boring, rambling “My Friends” speeches that put the sleeper hold on the convention hall, and outside of his extremely compelling personal story, did nothing to enhance the narrative of this ticket or excite anyone. You shudder to think what a disaster this convention would have been without the announcement of Governor Palin as the Vice Presidential Nominee.

McCain putting the nation to sleep will do nohing to dampen the enthusiasm for the Palin campaign and the next date to circle is October 2. That is the night of the Vice Presidential Debate with Senator Joe Dirt. I confidently predict Governor Palin will wipe the floor with his hair plugs.


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