Barack Obama is the dumbest man alive

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Appearing on This Week, Obama Barack Obama now says he will delay eliminating the Bush tax cuts if the economy is in recession because he fears a tax increase would hurt the economy.

Barack Obama has just admitted that he is running on a platform that will do harm to the American economy. If the economy improves between now and 2010, when the Bush tax cuts are set to expire, would Obama want to enact a plan he admits will slow economic growth?

It is also interesting to note that Obama plans to go full steam ahead with his alledged tax cuts for the “middle class” even if we are in a recession. Osama Obama now has conceded the issue of taxes to the Republicans. By delaying the elimination of the Bush tax cuts he acknowledges that tax cuts spur economic growth.

On his second point about his tax cut plan, it’s a phony. You cannot cut taxes for people who pay none to begin with. Obama has promised to “cut” taxes for 95% of Americans. We’ll show thisto be false on numerous levels. The top 5% of income earners pay 60% of the taxes. The top 50% of tax payers pay 97% of the nations taxes. Obama’s plan is giving tax cuts to 50% of the nation that do not pay any taxes. These arenot tax cuts, these are redistribution of wealth progams.

Obama has also proposed doubling the capital gains tax, raising the corporate tax and imposing a payroll tax on employers to pay for health insurance.

Anyone who has taken a basic ecomonics course, and I would think even community organizers have, knows that corporations do not pay taxes. They pass the cost along to the consumer. I am also pretty sure that the 95% of Americans whose taxes Obama plans to “cut” buy goods and services. All of a sudden the cost of goods is rising due to increased tax burdens that firms have passed along to the consumer.


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