Linda Stender: Book Banner

Author: Rory B. Bellows

With all the lies and smears making the rounds about Sarah Palin supposedly trying to ban books while Mayor of Wassila, it’s time for another “Fact Check”.

This time it is about two individuals who actually sent out a press release asking for specific books to be banned. The Individuals? New Jersey Democrat Assemblywomen Joan Quigley and Linda Stender. You may recogize Stender’s name as she is in one of the most heated congressional races this fall as she tries to replace Mike Ferguson in New Jersey’s Seventh Congressional Distrct.

Back in 2006, Stender the Censorer put out a press release in reaction to Ann Coulter’s new book Godless. Here is what Stender the Censorer had to say:

“…ban the sale of [Coulter’s] book throughout the state.”

“Ann Coulter’s criticism of 9/11 widows, whose only desire since the attacks have been to repair their shattered lives and protect other families from the horrors they have experienced, is motivated purely by petty greed and hate,”

“Coulter’s vicious characterizations and remarks are motivated by greed and her desire to sell books . . . She is a leech trying to turn a profit off perverting the suffering of others.”

“No one in New Jersey should buy this book and allow Ann Coulter to profit from her hate-mongering. We are asking New Jersey retailers statewide to stand with us and express their outrage by refusing to carry or sell copies of Coulter’s book. Her hate-filled attacks on our 9/11 widows has no place on New Jersey bookshelves.”


1 Response to “Linda Stender: Book Banner”

  1. 1 Paul September 21, 2008 at 12:42 pm

    I wonder if Palin wants to ban this book!

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