Corzine’s ethics “reforms” are un-American

Author: Rory B. Bellows

There he goes again. Governor Corzine is out pushing for campaign finance reform. The Governor cannot wait to silence free speech by trying to end so called pay to pay and wheeling practices. What business of Governor Corzine is it to tell people how they can spend their money?

Why shouldn’t a politician who raises more mone than he needs be able to send it to help an underfunded campaign? People are donating that money to a campaign with the understanding they will use it how they see fit. What difference does it make whose lawn signs that money pays for? If people are upset that the money they donate is being “wheeled” to another campaign they will stop giving. It is as simple as that. Unfortunately Governor Corzine likes to make the simple complex because the complex is the rallying cry for more government, more regulation and more restrictions.

Republicans should not only oppose these measures on principle, they should oppose them on the matter of practical politics. They are the minority party. The harder it is to raise money and the more restrictions there are on its use, the harder it is for challengers to win races. If challengers cannot win races, you will never move the minority into the majority.

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