Top State Democrats Had Control Over Slushfund.

Author: Rory B. Bellows

At the corruption trial of former State Senator Wayne Bryant, State Treasurer David Rousseau testified that Bryant, then acting Governor Dick Coey and then Majority Leader Bernard Kenny had acting control over $20 million to disperse as they saw fit. These earmarks or Christmas Tree Grants, have landed numerous New Jersey Democrats in hot water with US Attorney Chris Christie and were seen as such a problem that Governor Corzine actually had to cut them out of his 2007 budget.

An ironic quote from Codey, who is nothing but a caricature of Tammany Hall politicians, but whom the media has a bizzare love afair with, “Two years ago we put in a system that may be more transparent than any other system regarding earmarks,” Codey said. “It’s probably the most transparent system throughout the country.”

So we needed to put into place a system to make a process you were up to your eyeballs involved in more transparent? This guy really thinks you are THAT dumb.


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