Believing Healthcare is a “right” is putting us on the Road to Serfdom

Author: Rory B. Bellows

This idea that every citizen has a “right” to healthcare is nothing but totalitarian bunk. It is dangerous and people who believe in so called positive rights should rightly terrify the American Public.

What makes a “right”, is the fact that it does not cost anyone else for you to exercise it. If the police kick my door in during the middle of the night with no warrant, it costs no one else for me to show up in court and have my right not to be subjected to illegal search and seizure enforced. Likewise, it does not infringe on any other citizen for me to speak freely on this website. You may not like what I write, but it does you no harm as no one is forced to read it.

“Rights” like Healthcare are the polar opposite. If I have a right to healthcare than there has to be someone to provide it. If there are a shortage of doctors in the area I live in, then my “right” to healthcare is being infringed because someone has neglected to provide me with a doctor. That leads to all sorts of socialist schemes to ensure there are enough doctors all over the country so no one is being “denied” healthcare. Right there you have taken away a doctor’s freedom to choose where to practice. Doctors also don’t like having an abundance of medicare patients as they receive less compensation.

First of all, by providing medicare and medicaid you have limited a doctor’s capacity to earn a living. Second, if too many doctors refuse to see patients with government subisidized healthcare, it is not that hard to imagine the central planners passing laws saying they must treat these patients because they are denying them their equal protection to healthcare. So now you two ways in which a “right” to healthcare has allowed one individual to stake a claim on another person’s life and eliminated the freedom of doctors by determining their pay and where and how they should operate their practice.

That is not a right. That is Stalinism.

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