I know it is clever in certain GOP circles to dump on Sarah Palin

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Peggy Noonan has done it. David Brooks has done it. The wise, “intellectual” position is to brand her a cancer or diminish her becuase of a lack of substance. Whatever. What these so called wise men(and women) forget is that she was thrust into this race as John McCain’s running mate. She was not involved in any way, shape or form with the race until August 30th when she was tapped to be the number two on the Republican ticket. Governor Palin never had the oportunity to forge her own identity in national Republican politics, she has been forced to adopt John McCain’s. There is a distinct possibility that she agrees with John McCain on nothing. Could you imagine Senator McCain addressing pro liberty groups such as the Alaskan Libertarian or Independence Party’s?

She is in a difficult position. The Vice Presidential nominee is nothing but a PR flak for the top of the ticket. Any disagreement is a gaffe. She is not running on her own views, but on those of Senator McCain.

Sarah Palin is not a conservative philosopher the way Ronald Reagan was. There has not been one on the national scene since he left office in 1989. Sarah Palin is more of a foot soldier in the conservative movement. There is nothing wrong with that. So what that she has never read Camus and can’t make dinner party conversation about the works of Von Mises and Hayek. Big whoop. What she does know is that taxes should be low and government should be spend less. Her beliefs there answer the essential question of judgment. Of the four POTUS and VP candidates she is the only one who passes that thresh hold. Her time in Alaska has demonstrated someone, who while they may not have the academic pedigree that makes columnists swoon, has a salt of the earth understanding of what Government should do and what it should not. In a time of “compassionate” conservatism taking the conservative movement and the Republican Party over Niagra Falls in a barrel, how can you question the intelligence of someone who understands the basic philosophy of the limitations of government? Fine, she is not William F. Buckley and she’ll never write scholarly articles on the subject or give landmark orations like the Time for Choosing Speech, but there is something to say for someone who understands basic governing philosophy at a gut level. She displays a greater degree of common sense than anyone else currently in this race.

1 Response to “I know it is clever in certain GOP circles to dump on Sarah Palin”

  1. 1 Anonymous October 29, 2008 at 9:07 pm

    she is really dumb though. i mean, she is really really not smart.like really stupid. you know? if someone lacks intelligence, can we trust her belief in “basic governing philosophy?” I have a feeling youre going to say yes and just leave at that. Hope i dont sound elitit by the way.

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