Michael Steele for RNC Chair

Author: Rory B. Bellow

The next big decision Republicans are going to makee is who will run the party. That honor should go to former Maryland Lt. Governor Micahel Steele. Steele ran for Senate in Maryland in 2006 and in any other year he would have won. He was by far the better candidate, he devoured Benjamin Cardin in their debates and he was the better man.

The GOP needs new faces. Some are hoping former Speaker Newt Gingrich gets the nod, but that would be a mistake. Gingrich is now widely hailed as an idea man, but the GOP doesn’t need new ideas, it needs new messangers. New ideas will be born out of opposition to Chairman Obama’s regime. It’s not like the GOP lacks ideas, they lack coherent and fresh spokesmen. Gingrich is a blast from the past. It’s like the Redskins rehiring Joe Gibbs to try and recapture the glory days of the 1980s-early 1990s when they won 3 Super Bowls. They won one playoff game in his 4 years of his second run. No, what the GOP needs for the 2010 election cycle is new faces that come from different parts of the country and don’t have a southern accent.

Steele has no attachment to the Republican Party of Washington, he comes across well on TV and is an outstanding spokesmen for Republican ideals. Steele turned into a minor star with his 2008 convention speech where he coined the phrase “Drill, baby, drill!” which became a GOP mantra on the campaign trail. The base will be pleased with his selection, he’s currently the GOPAC Chair, and he’ll help in fundraising.

This is not a be all end all cure for the GOP, the chair will only be the face of the party through the 2010 election cycle after which the party moves onto the primary phase for 2012 which will determine the standard bearer and direction of the party going into forward, but it is a welcome first step.


1 Response to “Michael Steele for RNC Chair”

  1. 1 capt. richard November 16, 2008 at 2:57 pm

    This outstanding figure knows the opposition well based on his experiance in Maryland…can you imagine picking a hack like Ben Cardin? A part of my reason for moving to Florida….Lt. Gov. Steele is beyond race, although he is the real thing..he is what you see on TV…only more. This man can turn the country around much as President Reagan did …he has the potential to be that kind of a superstar …and he can expose Obama for what he is..without being accused of being a racist …but rather a conservative American.

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