This pension fiasco represents an opportunity

Author: Rory B. Bellows

it is time someone pointed the finger at who is really to blame over the travesty of a mockery of a sham that is New Jersey’s Public Employees Pension Fund. The blame does not lie with the legislature or the hack who is appointed to oversee the fund. No, the blame goes to every New Jersey Governor who rolls over and plays dead for public sector unions.

The pension fund is short around $28 billion dollars and this represents a huge opportunity for the GOP Gubernatorial candidate to actually get to the heart of what is bankrupting this state. You aren’t supposed to go into public service to get rich or live off the fat of the tax payers in your winter years. We face this massive debt because New Jersey has treated State Government like a jobs program with an unlimited retirement package.

New Jersey Governors have been in bed with unions, both literally and figuratively, for years now and have ignored their basic job function which is to serve the tax payers, not the people who organize your door to door and campaign literature operations.

This is an economic issue. The more money we take out of the state economy to fill the public emploeeys pension fund, the less there is in the private sector, which contrary to the belief of Democrats, is the engine that drives our prosperity. While our nation’s economy is crumbling under the weight of government meddling and intervention the last thing New Jersey needs to do is concoct schemes to shift money from producers to retirees. Instead we need a Governor who will deal with the unions as an advocate for the tax payers. If public employees want healthcare and retirement, more is going ot have come from their end. After all, it is their healthcare and retirement.


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