Only a state as backward a New Jersey would have an economic growth czar

Author: Rory B. Bellows

This state has reached comical levels of being so screwed up that we’re living through a Marx Brothers movie. Although I’m not sure if we are talking about Graucho so much as Karl. We have an economic growth czar. I’m sure Jerry Zaro is a serious person. He’s probably not a bad man, but the idea that we can appoint a government “expert” and jobs will be created defies economics, reality and sanity. We have economic growth czars. We have thousands of such people and we don’t even have to put them in the pension system. Our economic growth czars are the everyday people who start up businesses and hire people to work for them. All they require is a government that gets out of their way and lets them do what the do best.

There is no government master plan that can lead to economic prosperity. If there was, we’d all be speaking Russian and May Day would be our national holiday. It’s unbelieveable to me that 20 years after the Berlin Wall came down we think brilliant public policy is appointing a “czar” to oversee the economy.

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