Another member of Chairman Obama’s Cabinet of Crooks

Author: Rory B. Bellows.

Rut-Roh! Treasury Secretary nominee Timothy Geithner did not pay his taxes. Typical do as I say, not as I do liberal. This guy is going to wok for administration that is going to enact massive tax increases and he does not feel the need to pay them.

If Geithner came out and said that taxes were evil and the 16th amendment was ratified illegally, I would respect his position and champion his cause. Of course he does not believe any of that so he is nothing more than your classic hypocrital hack recruited to Washington.

Now we can add tax cheat to the list of crooks and embarrassments that have come out of the Obama transition. If this type of amateur hour circus is what we can expect the Obama government to look like, a real Republican will be ushering Obama to a waiting limo and trip into historical shame on January 20, 2012


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