The first, last and only good thing I will ever say about John Corzine

Good for him for self-funding his own campaign. I hope he takes a bat to that onerous New Jersey clean elections law the way Barack Obama destroyed public financing of campaigns at the national level.

I was very disappointed in the reaction by New jersey Republicans to this news. Concepts like “fair and level plaing field” were thrown about by state party leaders. A Republican should never utter these phrases. Fairness and level playing field are constructs invented by socialists to justify their programs of looting the earners to give to the takers.

Campaign spending caps are absurd and un-American. How dare we tell people how they can spend their own money. Money is speech and it should never be restricted in political campaigns. If Corzine wants to spend every last dime he has yet to give to Carla Katz’a family members, god bless him. It is not like money is the be-all, end-all of New Jersey politics. Jen Beck trouned Ellen Karcher in a race here the Democrat out spent the Republican 5-1. The Republican candidate will have enough money to get their message out in 2009. The question is will the message be coherent and, more importantly, will the messanger by a dynamic individual who can sell himself to the public.


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