Here’s to failure!

Author: Rory B. Bellows

I understand the R’s in congress and national politics have to make nice-nice with Chairman Obama for now. They don’t want to look bitter about the election and submarine the guy before he takes office. But that doesn’t mean we should want him to succeed. For all this phony talk about history, Obama’s policies, positions and world view are still just as dangerous today as they were when he was some no name hack climbing the greasy pole of Chicago machine politics. Wishing him success is like rooting for the Russians when would play their teams in the olympics during the Cold War.

Why should we want Obama to be successful? So he can implement socialized medicine? So he can push through massive tax increases and use the trojan horse of tax cuts disguised as welfare payments to get it passed? Or do we want him to succeed to see the elimination of secret ballots for unions signed into law? Maybe we wish him well so he can turn college and high school campuses into forced labor camps with his idea for a civilian national security force? I know. I wish him all the success in the world so he can codify redistributing our wealth to China in the name of the global warming ruse.

Yeah. We should want him to do well. Here’s to failure.


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