No Republican should vote for the stimulus package

Author: Rory B. Bellows

I’m sure a few feckless Republicans will say “aye” to Chairman Obama’s proposed 1 trillion dollar transfer of wealth scheme, but any Republican possessing a working spinal column needs to stand up to this. This is no stimulus. It’s 1 trillion dollars worth of redistribution of wealth and liberal goodies that could never be funded under a normal budget process so they are being carried to the American public in the trojan horse of economic stimulus. Birth control, mob musems and re-soddng the national mall have nothing to do with the economy. Neither do family planning or money to community organizers like ACORN. $200 billion to the states? What does that do? This is a bailout of irresonsible lunatics like John Corzine. Why are the people of the other 49 states being taxed to put a band-aide over the incompetence of Simple John? This has nothing to do with stimulating the economy and everything to do with redistributing wealth and passing leftist programs under the guise of economic recovery.

This bill is a disgrace. It extends welfare checks to Americans who don’t pay taxes and will create a situtation where over half of the country has no federa tax liability but receives welfare checks and becomes dependent on government. Not good.

Nor will this bill create ay jobs. Not one. Jobs can only be created by wealth and only the private sector creates wealth. Any job “created” by this stimulus package will be funded by taxation- every dollar taxed is a dollar not available to the private sector- or, more likely, printine up money we do not have. Printing up money we do not have only leads to inflation and our mney being worthless.

This is a bill that only people in D.C. could create or support. If the GOP wants to regain any credibility on fiscal matters they need to oppose this bill.


1 Response to “No Republican should vote for the stimulus package”

  1. 1 The Intellectual Redneck January 27, 2009 at 9:16 pm

    We all know the help Acorn gave the Democrats in stealing winning the last election. What was in it for them? Is 4 billion dollars enough?
    Democrats attempt to pay off Acorn

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