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So much for property tax relief

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Unless you are a senior, your property tax rebate check is on the chopping block. Years of uncontrolled spending by New Jersey Democrats have put property tax relief in danger. Our unsustainable court mandated housing and school aid formulas and Corzine and the Democrats cowardice in dealing with public employees have made it so the only way Simple John and his merry men in Trenton can balance the budget is scale back the property tax rebate checks for the people who have been tuned into chattel, you, the tax payer. You pretty much spend your days working so that public employees can have free health care and retirement and so poor people who can’t afford houses in your neighborhood get to live there on your dime and send their kids to school on your dime. What do you get out of it? Nothing.


We are through the looking glass here

Author: Rory B. Bellows

In the last two days the Democrat party has passed a $410 billion dollar omnibus spending bill, which increases government spending by 8%, and Chairman Obama unveiled a $4 trillion dollar budget that ups spending from the $3.1 trillion abortion that President Bush presided over last year. Now we have Chairman Obama going out in front of the country and talking about the “cuts” he made in the budget.

In what universe is increasing the budget by 25% considered cutting spending?

btw, I also noticed that he claims there are no budget gimmicks involved bu no where an we find out exactly how many trillions have been pumped into the banks by the fed. Funny how that works.

Why the closed county conventions?

Author: Rory B. Bellows

I never understood why the establishment in New Jersey is still the establishment? Sure there are talented, hard working Republicans who count as party establishment, but what have they done? The GOP establishment has presided over 7 years of electoral disaster in our state and now they are trying to rig the GOP Gubernatorial Primary by forcing Chris Christie down our throats. Maybe Chris Christie is the goods. He very well might be the cure for all that ails New Jersey and the down trodden state GOP. But we don’t know that right now. And we’ll never know it because he is being gifted the nomination by attempts by the party to submarine any competition. We don’t know what he stands for. We don’t know how he will hold up under the daily grind of a campaign. He hasn’t run for office in quite some time and he has lost more elections than he has won.

Chris Christie would benefit from a competitive primary. I don’t think anyone would argue that Chairman Obama was a stronger candidate for the general election last November by virtue of having to go head to head with the Clintons over the course of a seemingly endless primary campaign. Competition is good. It’s good for business, the deserving are rewarded and the undeserving are punished, and it will be good for the New Jersey Republican Party.

A great day for freedom in the Stalinist state of New Jersey

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Two- count ’em two!- victories for individual liberty were achieved in yesterday’s session of the state senate. A rarity to be sure, these were the first two victories for freedom and liberty in New Jersey since Washington crossed the Delaware, as the state senate approved the use of marijuana for medical purposes and a bill stalled that would have restricted residents to one handgun purchase a month. Heroically, every state senate Republcian voted against the handgun bill, but unfortunately did not vote for the medical marijuana bill.

There was an opportunity yesterday for the Republican Party of New Jersey to establish its bona fides as the party of limited government and individual liberty but they only go it half right.

No matter, all residents of New Jersey should celebrate victories of the individual over the state. Smoke ’em if ya got ’em!

Is Chris Christies the new Thomas Dewey?

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Back in 1948 the Republican Party thought they had a sure winner in the Presidential Election. New York Governor Thomas E. Dewey ran a spirited campaign against FDR in 1944 and performed well in the popular vote totals. In 1948, the Democrats had won 4 straight elections on the strength of FDR’s popularity but they were now saddled with the unpopular Harry Truman who had ascended to the Presidency when FDR died a few months into his fourth term in 1945. The Republicans thought they had it in the bad. The ticket consisted of Gov. Dewey and Gov. Earl Warren of California. This was considered a dream ticket. You had two young, progressive governors of two large, electoral vote rich states and after 16 years of Dems in the WH people were eager for change.

Unfortunately, Dewey ran one of the worst campaigns in American history. He refused to discuss issues and attack his opponent and instead preferred to run a campaign based on vague platitudes because he was operating under the assumption he was a sure winner and he did not want to make any mistakes or offend any constituencies.

This proved to be a disaster. Truman took to the campaign trail like a bat out of hell and traveled the country blasting the Republicans. His attacks resonated with the American public while no one was really sure who or what Dewey stood for. We all know what happened in November.

This is where Chris Christie is going. His milquetoast stands and lack of specifics when discussing issues are the early designs of his front runner campaign. He has a real conservative as a primary opponent and Christie is stuck trying to maintain his moderate image while not offending New Jersey conservatives. He sees John Corzine with weak poll numbers and he does not want to come off too strongly against abomiations like COAH and Abbot because he fears general election backlash in November. He is choosing to say nothing and we all know how well that works out.

My Housing Solution

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Chairman Obama is pushing this new plan to have the earners subsidize the takers by having the government back refinancing mortgages. His rationale is that the earners will benefit from this because empty houses on the block willcause property values to drop. Instead, we have to put 9 million or so at risk loans on the tax payers backs so the irresponsible can continue to live in houses they cannot afford and will never be able to afford.

My solution: raize them. Knok the empty houses down. Ifwe are going to pay people to dig holes and fill them up, which is what Chairman Obama’s swindle us package will do, why not dig holes where these foreclosed properties are and fill them up? The benefit is two fold, instead of trying to maintain housing prices by subsidizing risky mortgages, why not decrease the supply of houses. If people can’t afford to live in a house, they shouldn’t be there and the house never should have been built. Knock them down and let the market sort out what prices should be as opposed to when they were artificially inflated during the government created, looking at your Alan Greenspan, Community Reinvestment Act Supports and Fannie and Freddie Mae, housing bubble. Decrease the supply and prices will rise. It’s simeple economics.

The second benefit is everyone is always whining and complaining about suburban sprawl and open space. This is a simple solution that won’t require Governors to continually stea hundreds of millions of dollars from the tax payers so government can buy land that no one can ever use.

That’s it. My simple solution.


Author: Rory B. Bellows

Who else is in for the Chicago Tea Party??