Judd Gregg sells out


Senator Judd Gregg of New Hampshire may or may not have faced a tough re-election campaign in 2010. While the state is virtually New Jersey in terms of politics these days, the supposed live free or die state has a smoking ban, Gregg has appeal with the vaunted Independent voter because of his consistency in crying uncle to leftists. Add that to the fact that we are likely in the beginning of a the second Great Depression so 2010 is most likely going to be a bad year to have a D next to your name so he would have been the odds on favorite to win.

No, former Senator Gregg saw fit to throw is lot in with Chairman Obama’s regime by accepting the backwater post of Secretary of Commerce (why do we need this again?) and virtually assure that one of the states two Democratic Congressmen will face such a weak Republican opponent, the states Democratic Governor has promised Gregg he will appoint a placeholder Republican to fill out the remained of Gregg’s term, that even in a year that will be toxic for Democrats they will waltz to victory.

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