Author: Rory B. Bellows

This is about as shocking as finding out there is gambling at Bushwood or that Judge Smails slices. John Corzine wants to raise taxes. What’s a little 5% surcharge to the “wealthy”? Why shouldn’t they have to pay? It’s clearly their fault John Corzine has mismanaged state finances.

and for comedic gold, check out this quote by Mary Forsberg, acting President of New Jersey Policy Perspective:

“…because the budget needs it and those are the people who can afford to pay.” She said the belief that the wealthy will abandon New Jersey because of higher taxes has not proven true.

“They’re not as grossly overtaxed as they think they are. For people whose incomes are under a million dollars, they are paying less taxes in New Jersey than they would be in New York state,” she said.

I realize they live in fantasy land at this place, but there are more states in the Union besides New York and New Jersey people can live.


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