Steve Lonegan to potest Corzine Electric Bill Tax

Author: Rory B. Bellows

In his campaign to destroy the state of New Jersey, John Corzine is proposing a 1.35% surcharge on your electric bill. Sure people are losing their jobs and savings are being wiped out by the Great Obama Depression so why not add more costs? What’s the harm? Some genius decided that taxing the people to pay for capital projects stimulates the economy. I’m at a loss here. How does taking money from one person to pay another person to dig a hole juice the economy? All you did was move money around. No wealth was created. In fact, it’s a net loss. The people whose costs are raised are likely to beat it. Then who is going to pay for people to dig holes?

Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Steve Lonegan will be in Morris Township today to protest this proposal. Good on him. For years he has been the only consistent Republican voice in the state to speak out against the insane direction John Corzine and his lackeys in the state house have taken this state in.


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