Republican Jitters about Steele

Author: Rory B. Bellows

The new way for Republicans to prove their “realistic” bona fides with the MSM is to dump on Chairman Steele. Sure, Steele lookd bad when apologized to Rush Limbaugh for calling show ugly and incendiary at times. Many Republicans are nervous about the fact that Steele has not filled out a staff and about the ever increasing number of times he appears on television. Some want him to go, others want a new election and others are just plain nervous about the fact that at a crucial period for the GOP, Steele has provided another punching bag for liberals and their henchmen in the media.

People have to get a grip and remember why Steele was elected in the first place. He was elected because he was a smooth television persona and he presented a new face for a party that was perceived as older, whiter and more southern. Since Michael Steele want to present a new hip hop image of the GOP, let’s say he was elected to be the party hypeman, not the CEO of the record label. Steele is doing exactly what he was elected to do, take the party message to the masses by going on TV whenever he can. If Steele isn’t on TV or out promoting the Republican party than there was no sense in electing him.

Now, that is not to say that there are not other aspects of the job that Steele needs to pay attention to. He needs to fundraise like a mad man so the RNC can provide financial support to campaigns. Someone in the GOP needs to step up with some third party groups to combat the’s and Americans UNited for Change’s o the world. Why is AUC out bludegoning the GOP with ads these past few weeks but no Republican group is out there running ads about Obama destroying the stock market? Why is every voter in the district of Blue Dog Democrats able to turn on the TV without seeing an ad linking them to Obama’s tax increases, the 8,000 earmarks in the ominbus bill and the Obama bear market? This all needs to get changed fast and this should be Steele’s pet project.

There are challenges that Steele faces and ,yes, he needs to hire a staff, but Republicans have to stop being so gun shy. Let Steele do the job you elected him to do and, to paraphrase, let Steele be Steele.


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