Corey Booker gives Corzine the stink eye

Author: Rory B. Bellows

You want a sign Jon Corzine is finished as Governor? Newark Mayor Cory Booker has no time to be Corzine’s Lt. Governor. Why would Booker want to sully his reputation by being the number two on a ticket that is a sure loser? He can stay as Mayor of Newark and keep his reputation intact for a possible 2013 run against the incumbent Republican. Or maybe he wants to wait for 2017 when there is an open seat race. Either way, running with Corzine on a ticket that is a dead loser only has downside. Ask Governor Palin what taking on the thankless job of running mate for the inept John McCain did for her image.

1 Response to “Corey Booker gives Corzine the stink eye”

  1. 1 MAS1916 March 26, 2009 at 8:48 pm

    Here’s to hoping you are right.

    But before we count these chickens, remember that the Teachers Unions have produced an entire generation of economically ignorant and socially mis-informed voters. These are the folks that gave Obama the win last year. It will take more than a year or two of unemployment before they begin to understand that they were led astray by lefties in the classroom.

    Corzine has money and support from union thuggery, so he won’t be easily defeated. Good Luck New Jersey! The rest of the country is pulling for you.

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