Happy Tea Party Day!

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Today is Tea Party Day. While it may be the Democrats the favorite day of the year, today is the day you are supposed to voluntarily turn over your protection money, I mean taxes, to the benevolent, wise government.

Normal people despise this day and April 15 has traditionally been Tea Party Day where Libertarian Part activists would protest the government’s confiscatory tax rates and ever expanding role in our lives. Inspired by this rant by CNBC’s Rick Santelli:

National and local Republicans have jumped on the bandwagon. Conservative and limited government acitivist Steve Lonegan will speak at three tea parties in New Jersey today. Here is the list of Tea Parties Lonegan will attend.

Even if you don’t care about Steve Lonegan, go. Be seen and be heard. Let the Obama Administration, Jon Corzine and their leftist toadies in the media know what the people think of them and their tax, borrow and spend policies.


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