New Quinnipiac Poll

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Bad News for Jon Corzine. Good News for Steve Lonegan.

The latest Quinnipiac Poll shows Jon Corzine with a 54% disapproval rating. 60% of New Jerseyans disapprove of his handling of the economy and 53% say he does not deserve a second term.

On the Republican side, Steve Lonegan has slashed Chris Christie’s lead. The last poll showed Christie with a 40-19 lead in the polls. This poll, including leaners, has Christie only up 46-37. Christies still leads Corzine 45-38 but Steve Lonegan has pulled into a deadheat, 41-41, with Corzine in this poll.

I have said it many times on this site: Chris Christie is not the only Republican who can win in November. The public has made up their mind that Jon Corzine deserves to be fired in November. Lonegan has a chance to win this primary, Christie is still polling under 50% so he is not a shoe-in to win. Conservatives can make their voices heard and nominate Lonegan for the November election. If that happens the party establishment needs to unite behind Lonegan with no sour grapes- they would demand the same thing of grass roots conservatives if Christie won- and realize that gop undercutting of Lonegan is a killer. The only way the Republicans can lose in November is if the party nominee is not seen as a credible candidate. If the party establishment doesn’t treat Lonegan as a credible candidate the electorate will not.


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