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What I would do about Sotomayor

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Nothing. I’d knock her around for the line about the Court of Appeals is where policy is made. I’d ask the usual questions about judicial activism, but I don’t think the GOP should go overboard. I do not say this out of squishy fears about offending latinos or playing into identity politics. I say this is the tact the GOP should take for the simple fact that of all the people Chairman Obama could have picked, he made an average selection.

Look, Sotomayor is not going ot re-invent the wheel legal theory. She is not going to make intellectual hefty arguments that could sway Justice Kennedy on one of those 5-4 cases. She is what she is. She’ll sit there, take up space and vote the way the editorial page of the New York Times tells her to vote. Conservatives should hope this nomination goes through or else Chairman Obama could actually appoint someone competent.


New Jersey still hates Jon Corzine

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Even the Daily Kos is showing that New Jerseyans are fed up with Jon the Taxer. In the left wing websites latest poll Corzine has the upside down rating of 36% approve and 56% disapprove.

More interesting to Republican primary voters, yet another poll shows Steve Lonegan leading Corzine. This poll shows Lonegan up 43-40%. Chris Christie also leads Corzine 46-37%. Do not believe there is only one Republican who can win this race.

Chris Christie is a whiner

Author: Rory B. Bellows

We can enever can get specifics out of Chris Chrisitie because he is too busy saying he will have to look at the mess Jon Corzine has left us. Wow. What leadership. The only bigger baby in politics is Barack Obama who I believe even blamed George Bush for the fact that Jake Peavy turned down the trade to his beloved White Sox. It’s pathetic when Obama spends day after day blaming all of his mistakes on W and it’s really cheap for Christie to have to avoid saying anything about anything by blaming Corzine. He wants to run the Thomas Dewey “Our future is ahead of us” campaign and he’s faced with a primary opponent, Steve Lonegan, who has offered concrete proposals as to how he will dismantle the levithian that is New Jersey’s government. I understand Christie is sitting in a strong position, but if you are running as the man of action in the US Attorney’s office then you cannot have your campaign be about nothing. It’s unseemly when politicians parade around blaming everything on their predocessors. No one put a gun to your head and made you take the job. This is a position you wanted. If we are going to get the same old crap sandwich for the next four years, why bother?

Obama targets Chrysler dealers that were GOP contributers

Author: Rory B. Bellows

And this is why we don’t want the government in bed with private enterprise. So far, all the Chrysler dealers, save one, contributed to Republicans during the 2008 election cycle. Included in these closings was a dealership owned by a GOP Congressmen and the shutting down of dealerships that are competitors to former Bill Clinton Chief of Staff Mack McLarty.

Welcome to Chairman Obama’s America.

A great idea for GOP Hispanic outreach

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Instead of holding fire on Sotomayor, I think they should for other reasons and I will get into them in my next post, to try to reach out to Hispanic voters, why does the GOP not do the simple thing of support Hispanic candidates?

Down in Florida there is a contested primary to fill the seat of retiring GOP’er Mel Martinez. The first candidate in the race was Former Florida Speaker of the House Marco Rubio. Rubio is a 37 year-old, talk the talk and walk the walk, conservative Cuban. All the enlightened chattering classes say the GOP needs to appeal to younger and Hispanic voters. The GOP has a dynamic, young, Hispanic candidate in a state where you can run as a real conservative and win, so what do they do? The National Republican Senate Campaign Committee endorses liberal Republican Governor Charlie Crist about 4 seconds after he enters the race.

I mention this because today Governor Crist broke his no new taxes pledge when he signed a budget. This was one week after he authored an op-ed piece where he boldly stated “Let there be no doubt–I am a fiscal conservative” to answer charges he was an irresponsible charlatan due to his support of Chairman Obama’s swindle us package. What message does this send to Hispanics when the national Republicans, who had earlier pledged to stay out of primaries, stick the shiv in the ribs of the brightest young Hispanic star the Republican Party has? Instead of dithering over how to attack Judge Sotomayor the Republican Party blew the chance to support, rather than attack, a prominent Hispanic who is all the things we want Republicans to be- sound on fiscal issues- in favor of a man who believes in nothing and he will sell out anyone and everything in order to win an election?

This is an election where the Republican Party can take steps to reclaim the mantle of fiscal responsibility and show openness to Hispanics and the national Republican Party wants to do neither. It’s not like the Democrats have a juggernaut of a candidate lined up. The favorite for their nomination is Congressmen Kendrick Meek. Meek is a telegenic member of the Congressional Black Caucus, but without Obama on the ballot to ignite black turnout it will be an uphill climb for him to defeat any Republican. By supporting Crist the GOP is sending the message that Hispanics are only welcome on its terms and that the national Party has no fundamental disagreements with Chairman Obama and his lackeys in Congress.

Obama’s new court pick

Author: Rory B. Bellows

You. Act. Surprised. We have a leftist on the court. I understand Chairman Obama wants a leftist on the court. He wants a woman and hispanic to check the boxes of the democratic coalition. Fine. Chairman Obama won the election and he gets to pick whomever he wants as a Supreme Court justice. But that does not mean the other side does not get their say and the appointee should not be throughly questioned so America knows what they are in for. And they are in for lurch to the left.

Justice Sotomayor believes the court is where policy is made.

She is an advocate of racial discrimination as evidence by her vote on the Ricci case and pro-union voice. Even the liberal The New Republic has a failry damning piece about her temperment and intellect. I suppose it could have been worse, Jermiah Wright or Bill Ayers could have been on the choice but I cannot imagine a member of the judiciary held in such low esteem being the nominee.

GOP Primary Endorsements

Author: Rory B. Bellows

So I got an email from the Lonegan campaign about Christie racking up newspaper endorsements from liberal newspapers. I highly doubt that in New Jersqey newspaper endorsements mean all that much. This is not New Hampshire or Iowa where there is a newspaper such as the Union Leader or Des Moines Register that is central to state politics.

Interestingly enough, after I received that email I opened up this mornings New York Post to find that they had also endorsed Chris Christie. Given that the Post is not exactly the place Keith Olbermann goes for inspiration for his Speical Comments, I was curious as to why they would endorse Christie over the more tradionally conservative Lonegan. The Post’s endorsement boiled down to one thing: electiblity. The Post, as I do, see Christie as a small ‘c’ conservative. He is not going to engage in inflammatory rhetoric nor is he going to pursue an ideological agenda, but he does understand there are limits to government power. He believes there is a place in our lives for government and that government can be a force for good but it cannot be all things to all people. He may or may not believe government is as restrained in its ability to act as I do, and the Post notes this when they say Christie has been short on specifics, but the paper views him as the man to take down Corzine and check the out control democratic legislature.

Here I disagree. Democrats have a normal double digit advantage in party ID here in New Jersey. Yet in poll after poll, Lonegan runs even with Corzine or leads him by a margin that is within the margin of error. There is a great myth going around that Chris Christie is the only man who can beat Jon Corzine. That just is not true. In a poll released by Monmouth Univeristy, 47 percent of New Jersey voters, and 35 percent of New Jersey Democrats, say they would be more likely to vote for a Republican candidate for Governor if he promised a property tax cut. Lonegan is campaigning on a 20 percent property tax cut while Chris Christie has offered nothing in this regard. Taxes, spending and regulation are Steve Lonegan’s strong suit. He has a proven track record in this regard. With Chris Christie we have to trust in the fact that in his time as US Attorney he proved competent and willing to do the right thing. Lonegan has a record and a message that has appeal to over one third of Democratic voters. This election will not be a repeat of the Schundler/McGreevey fiasco of 2001 where McGreevey was able to scare the electorate on social issues. No one cares right now about abortion or gay marriage. This is election is set up for any Republican to win. Especially a Republican who wakes up every day for the sole purpose of cutting taxes.