Teachers Union out of control

Author: Rory B. Bellows

There they go again. Teachers Unions are apoplectic about Kean University President Dawood Fahari’s plan to cut costs as his institution faces a $7 million budget shortfall. Under his plan, teachers may actually be forced to work a full week and useless, naval gazing departments like social work may be eliminated.

Boo-hoo. A bunch of unaccountable teachers with tenure may have to show up for work. Heaven forbid they have to earn a paycheck. That may put them in rare company amongst unions, union jobs are the ones you look for when you want to get paid a bunch of money you don’t deserve for work you rarely do, so I see why they would take offense at this scandalous outrage.

Eliminating departments like social work can only be a good thing. Since the 1960s, these departments are havens for leftist radicals to indoctrinate campus youth in the ways of liberal guilt.

Kean is running short on loot this year. Everyone is. Higher education funding was cut in the budget. It happens. Institutions have to make do and the President of Kean University is acting in a responsible manner.


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