Obama’s new court pick

Author: Rory B. Bellows

You. Act. Surprised. We have a leftist on the court. I understand Chairman Obama wants a leftist on the court. He wants a woman and hispanic to check the boxes of the democratic coalition. Fine. Chairman Obama won the election and he gets to pick whomever he wants as a Supreme Court justice. But that does not mean the other side does not get their say and the appointee should not be throughly questioned so America knows what they are in for. And they are in for lurch to the left.

Justice Sotomayor believes the court is where policy is made.

She is an advocate of racial discrimination as evidence by her vote on the Ricci case and pro-union voice. Even the liberal The New Republic has a failry damning piece about her temperment and intellect. I suppose it could have been worse, Jermiah Wright or Bill Ayers could have been on the choice but I cannot imagine a member of the judiciary held in such low esteem being the nominee.


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