A great idea for GOP Hispanic outreach

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Instead of holding fire on Sotomayor, I think they should for other reasons and I will get into them in my next post, to try to reach out to Hispanic voters, why does the GOP not do the simple thing of support Hispanic candidates?

Down in Florida there is a contested primary to fill the seat of retiring GOP’er Mel Martinez. The first candidate in the race was Former Florida Speaker of the House Marco Rubio. Rubio is a 37 year-old, talk the talk and walk the walk, conservative Cuban. All the enlightened chattering classes say the GOP needs to appeal to younger and Hispanic voters. The GOP has a dynamic, young, Hispanic candidate in a state where you can run as a real conservative and win, so what do they do? The National Republican Senate Campaign Committee endorses liberal Republican Governor Charlie Crist about 4 seconds after he enters the race.

I mention this because today Governor Crist broke his no new taxes pledge when he signed a budget. This was one week after he authored an op-ed piece where he boldly stated “Let there be no doubt–I am a fiscal conservative” to answer charges he was an irresponsible charlatan due to his support of Chairman Obama’s swindle us package. What message does this send to Hispanics when the national Republicans, who had earlier pledged to stay out of primaries, stick the shiv in the ribs of the brightest young Hispanic star the Republican Party has? Instead of dithering over how to attack Judge Sotomayor the Republican Party blew the chance to support, rather than attack, a prominent Hispanic who is all the things we want Republicans to be- sound on fiscal issues- in favor of a man who believes in nothing and he will sell out anyone and everything in order to win an election?

This is an election where the Republican Party can take steps to reclaim the mantle of fiscal responsibility and show openness to Hispanics and the national Republican Party wants to do neither. It’s not like the Democrats have a juggernaut of a candidate lined up. The favorite for their nomination is Congressmen Kendrick Meek. Meek is a telegenic member of the Congressional Black Caucus, but without Obama on the ballot to ignite black turnout it will be an uphill climb for him to defeat any Republican. By supporting Crist the GOP is sending the message that Hispanics are only welcome on its terms and that the national Party has no fundamental disagreements with Chairman Obama and his lackeys in Congress.


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