Chris Christie is a whiner

Author: Rory B. Bellows

We can enever can get specifics out of Chris Chrisitie because he is too busy saying he will have to look at the mess Jon Corzine has left us. Wow. What leadership. The only bigger baby in politics is Barack Obama who I believe even blamed George Bush for the fact that Jake Peavy turned down the trade to his beloved White Sox. It’s pathetic when Obama spends day after day blaming all of his mistakes on W and it’s really cheap for Christie to have to avoid saying anything about anything by blaming Corzine. He wants to run the Thomas Dewey “Our future is ahead of us” campaign and he’s faced with a primary opponent, Steve Lonegan, who has offered concrete proposals as to how he will dismantle the levithian that is New Jersey’s government. I understand Christie is sitting in a strong position, but if you are running as the man of action in the US Attorney’s office then you cannot have your campaign be about nothing. It’s unseemly when politicians parade around blaming everything on their predocessors. No one put a gun to your head and made you take the job. This is a position you wanted. If we are going to get the same old crap sandwich for the next four years, why bother?


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