What I would do about Sotomayor

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Nothing. I’d knock her around for the line about the Court of Appeals is where policy is made. I’d ask the usual questions about judicial activism, but I don’t think the GOP should go overboard. I do not say this out of squishy fears about offending latinos or playing into identity politics. I say this is the tact the GOP should take for the simple fact that of all the people Chairman Obama could have picked, he made an average selection.

Look, Sotomayor is not going ot re-invent the wheel legal theory. She is not going to make intellectual hefty arguments that could sway Justice Kennedy on one of those 5-4 cases. She is what she is. She’ll sit there, take up space and vote the way the editorial page of the New York Times tells her to vote. Conservatives should hope this nomination goes through or else Chairman Obama could actually appoint someone competent.

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