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So much for any bump out of Obama’s visit

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Public Policy Polling’s, a democrat leaning firm, latest NJ Gov. Poll shows Chris Christie with a 14 point lead over Jon the Taxer. In June, PPP’s poll showed Christie leading Corzine by 10 points. So much for that.

Corzine is only getting 68% of the vote from dems in this poll. This puts his selection of Loretta Weinberg to be his running mate, a victorian era relic who looks old enough to be Frank Lautenberg’s grandmother, in perspective. Weinberg is a hero among the gay rights crowd and her selection is intended to fire up so called progressives. Weinberg has long been a champion of whatever gay rights are and her selection is intended to bring progressive minded folks home to vote D on election day. This is rather amusing because urban liberal types, Ce long Corzine’s base, have long derided Souther social conservatives who loyally pull the lever for the R’s every election day because of social issues. In 2004 they scolded Karl Rove for running a campaign of hate because measures banning gay marriage were on the ballot in key states such as Ohio and the D’s attributed Bush’s win in 2004 to Republican firing up voters with anti-gay marriage sentiments. Now they are attempting the same strategery.

Corzine’s fading hopes of re-election hinge on turnout. The dems have the homefield advantage in NJ but Corzine’s rank incompetence has ruined the fact that there is a 13 point advantage for the dems in terms of party identification. So in his infinite wisdom, Corzine selected some obscure female State Senator who will have massive appeal to the base which votes on social issues in an effort to win a turnout war.

Does that last part sound familiar?


Some thoughts on the Lt. Gov Selection

Author: Rory B. Bellows

I think most people’s reaction of “Who?” will turn to “Whatever.” This will generate one or two news cycles this week and then the selection will laregly be forgotten, save some horrific gaffe or damaging personal information be revealed, until the day of the Lt. debate. That will produce one or so more days worth of news coverage and then the electorate will largely forget who will fill the ceremonial position of Lt. Governor and decide if they hate Jon Corzine or not. Right now the polls suggest they do.

I’m not too keen on a ticket with two former prosecutors leading the charge. Prosecutors are the defenders of the state and I’m one of those old fashioned libertarian types who casts a wary eye towards the police powers of the government, that is really where your rights get trampled, but people go batty for that law and order type stuff so whatever. She’s attractive enough where she won’t hurt Christie in that regard and she’ll spruce up the campaign literature photos.

Beyond that I don’t think she adds or subtracts anything to the ticket and she will have zero effect on the election. Guadagno is from a region Christie is sure to carry and she appears to have no substantive policy differences with him so her pick is a safe, messafe re-enforcing selection.

This contest is all about Jon Corzine and if the voters want to rehire him.

Christie announce Lt. Governor Selection

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Christie’s idealism

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Star Ledger Columnist Paul Mulshine makes a forceful case that New Jersey conservatives are being sold down the river by Gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie.

Mulshine always generates consternation among Republican Party figures because he is the most vocal and visible conservative in New Jersey media. He has never been, and nor should he ever be, a cheerleader for the Republican Party. He is a principled advocate for the conservative movement, which is not the same thing as the Republican Party.

As a conservative, Mulshine is correct to be outraged by the policy positions staked out by Christie. His endorsement of the Obama Regime’s energy policy flies in the face of not only conservative thought, but sound economic and market principles. The left has planted their flag with these absurd alternative energy fantasies. If these technologies were practical, the private sector would be all over them and they would not require massive government favortism in the form of subsidies to be viable.

The Republican party is supposed to be grounded in realism. Let the Democrats preach about utopian fantasies that government will create, the Republican Party are the grown ups who know fantasy land rubbish when they see it and are responsible stewards of the tax payer dollar. Christie backing Obama’s energy plan is pure pie-in-the sky idealism that all things are possible and that ideas should not be judged on their practicality, but rather on how they make us feel and how noble the goals they seek to accomplish are.

If the Republican Party is ever to make a comeback it is going to not be based on moderating principles but in (re)embracing realism and prudence. The Bush Adminstration abandoned the realism camp abroad, with the adventure in Iraq, and domestically with massive government interventions in the form of No Child Left Behind and Medicare Part D. Christie is rejecting prudence and realism for fantasy not only with his backing of Obama’s energy proposal, but also with his promise to cut the state income tax and increase property tax rebates. As Mulshine points out, this is impossible. The income tax funds property tax rebates. You cannot decrease one and increase the other. Making promises with no ability to pay for them is exactly the course George Bush took the Republican Party down with the Medicare presicription drug entitlement and it is the same thing Republicans are rightly thrashing Obama for with his proposal to socialize medicine.

The base of the Democratic Party in New Jersey is depressed. Polling shows that Obama will have no impact in the race. Chris Christie does not need to pander to democratic constituencies in order to win this election. What he needs to do is offer a realistic alternative to Corzine. New Jerseyans want property tax relief, not rebates. Property tax relief can easily be delivered by moving away from affordable housing and allocating school funding equally. These ideas can be sold in practical, non-idelogical terms based on the simple fact that the Abbot School funding program and affordable housing policies have not worked. Everyone knows they have driven up property taxes. The Christie campaign is worried about being labeled too far to the right. Fine. There is a conservative philosophical argument against these programs but Chrisite does not have to go there. The numbers tell the story.

We have had 8 long years, at the state and national level, of idealists, both Republican and Democrat as captains of the ships of state. We have suffered mightly for turning our backs away from prudent thinking with our country engages in endless conflicts abroad, a collapsed housing bubble and an economy in tatters due excessive borrowing by both government and consumers.

Friedrich Hayek famously dedicated The Road to Serfdom to the socialists of all parties. I dedicate this post to the idealists of all parties.

Barbara Boxer gets called out for being a racist

Author: Rory B. Bellows

The CEO of the Black Chamber of Commerce absolutely pwns Senator Barbara Boxer as a racist. Lulz.

Christie up by 12 in latest poll

Author: Rory B Bellows

The new Quinnipiac Poll shows Republican Chris Christie with a 53-41 lead over Governor Jon Corzine.

Lonegan and the GOP

Author: Rory B. Bellows

While I am strong supporter of Steve Lonegan, I find some aspects of his email criticizing the NJ GOP troubling. I fully support his criticisms of the Republican turncoats who voted for the Crap and Tax bill. That vote was a disgrace. However, some of his other claims are puzzling. Lonegan is outraged that the leadership of the stat committee blocked a move to adopt the national Republican Party platform for the state party. Lonegan and his supporters want the state party to adopt the national platform because of its strong pro-life planks. On one hand, they are arguing that the GOP should not be afraid to support pro-life positions. On the other hand, this is the party platform that John McCain adopted. McCain is the anti-Lonegan. He is a big government liberal Republican. That conservative activists would want anything to do with a platform adopted by a national party that he activists correctly argue has drifted leftward is puzzling. Would they also like the adopt the 2008 Republican Party position on the bailout bill? How about the McCain campaign’s support for Cap and Trade? This party platform represents the positions of a national party that drifted absurdly far from conservative principles and was soundly thrashed at the ballot box by a marxist street organizer. Yeah, let the state Republican Party follow that lead. Not that the NJ GOP needs any help to suffer crushing defeats.

Lonegan’s backing, which I am sure is done out of principle, is also odd because the focus of his campaign was on fiscal matters. The Republican committmen who wanted the state party to adopt the national platform only are doing so because of the abortion issue. And it’s foolish. Even if the Governor of New Jersey is pro-life, and the party adopts a pro-life platform, the Roe decision will still be the, unfortunate, law of the land. While I am a pro-life libertarian, much in the tradition of Ron Paul, Murray Sabrin and Judge Andre Nopolitano, the true conservative and federalist position is that social issues fall under the province of the tenth amendment and thus are matters of state’s rights. There should not be a national position on any of these issues unless it is that the issue of abortion is left to the individual states to decide. Conservatives like to rally around that the states represent 50 different labratories for democracy when opposing the oppressive once size fits all policy prescriptions of the Marxocrat Party. A conservative philosopher such as Steve Lonegan should be rallying around THAT idea.