Lonegan and the GOP

Author: Rory B. Bellows

While I am strong supporter of Steve Lonegan, I find some aspects of his email criticizing the NJ GOP troubling. I fully support his criticisms of the Republican turncoats who voted for the Crap and Tax bill. That vote was a disgrace. However, some of his other claims are puzzling. Lonegan is outraged that the leadership of the stat committee blocked a move to adopt the national Republican Party platform for the state party. Lonegan and his supporters want the state party to adopt the national platform because of its strong pro-life planks. On one hand, they are arguing that the GOP should not be afraid to support pro-life positions. On the other hand, this is the party platform that John McCain adopted. McCain is the anti-Lonegan. He is a big government liberal Republican. That conservative activists would want anything to do with a platform adopted by a national party that he activists correctly argue has drifted leftward is puzzling. Would they also like the adopt the 2008 Republican Party position on the bailout bill? How about the McCain campaign’s support for Cap and Trade? This party platform represents the positions of a national party that drifted absurdly far from conservative principles and was soundly thrashed at the ballot box by a marxist street organizer. Yeah, let the state Republican Party follow that lead. Not that the NJ GOP needs any help to suffer crushing defeats.

Lonegan’s backing, which I am sure is done out of principle, is also odd because the focus of his campaign was on fiscal matters. The Republican committmen who wanted the state party to adopt the national platform only are doing so because of the abortion issue. And it’s foolish. Even if the Governor of New Jersey is pro-life, and the party adopts a pro-life platform, the Roe decision will still be the, unfortunate, law of the land. While I am a pro-life libertarian, much in the tradition of Ron Paul, Murray Sabrin and Judge Andre Nopolitano, the true conservative and federalist position is that social issues fall under the province of the tenth amendment and thus are matters of state’s rights. There should not be a national position on any of these issues unless it is that the issue of abortion is left to the individual states to decide. Conservatives like to rally around that the states represent 50 different labratories for democracy when opposing the oppressive once size fits all policy prescriptions of the Marxocrat Party. A conservative philosopher such as Steve Lonegan should be rallying around THAT idea.


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