Some thoughts on the Lt. Gov Selection

Author: Rory B. Bellows

I think most people’s reaction of “Who?” will turn to “Whatever.” This will generate one or two news cycles this week and then the selection will laregly be forgotten, save some horrific gaffe or damaging personal information be revealed, until the day of the Lt. debate. That will produce one or so more days worth of news coverage and then the electorate will largely forget who will fill the ceremonial position of Lt. Governor and decide if they hate Jon Corzine or not. Right now the polls suggest they do.

I’m not too keen on a ticket with two former prosecutors leading the charge. Prosecutors are the defenders of the state and I’m one of those old fashioned libertarian types who casts a wary eye towards the police powers of the government, that is really where your rights get trampled, but people go batty for that law and order type stuff so whatever. She’s attractive enough where she won’t hurt Christie in that regard and she’ll spruce up the campaign literature photos.

Beyond that I don’t think she adds or subtracts anything to the ticket and she will have zero effect on the election. Guadagno is from a region Christie is sure to carry and she appears to have no substantive policy differences with him so her pick is a safe, messafe re-enforcing selection.

This contest is all about Jon Corzine and if the voters want to rehire him.


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