So much for any bump out of Obama’s visit

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Public Policy Polling’s, a democrat leaning firm, latest NJ Gov. Poll shows Chris Christie with a 14 point lead over Jon the Taxer. In June, PPP’s poll showed Christie leading Corzine by 10 points. So much for that.

Corzine is only getting 68% of the vote from dems in this poll. This puts his selection of Loretta Weinberg to be his running mate, a victorian era relic who looks old enough to be Frank Lautenberg’s grandmother, in perspective. Weinberg is a hero among the gay rights crowd and her selection is intended to fire up so called progressives. Weinberg has long been a champion of whatever gay rights are and her selection is intended to bring progressive minded folks home to vote D on election day. This is rather amusing because urban liberal types, Ce long Corzine’s base, have long derided Souther social conservatives who loyally pull the lever for the R’s every election day because of social issues. In 2004 they scolded Karl Rove for running a campaign of hate because measures banning gay marriage were on the ballot in key states such as Ohio and the D’s attributed Bush’s win in 2004 to Republican firing up voters with anti-gay marriage sentiments. Now they are attempting the same strategery.

Corzine’s fading hopes of re-election hinge on turnout. The dems have the homefield advantage in NJ but Corzine’s rank incompetence has ruined the fact that there is a 13 point advantage for the dems in terms of party identification. So in his infinite wisdom, Corzine selected some obscure female State Senator who will have massive appeal to the base which votes on social issues in an effort to win a turnout war.

Does that last part sound familiar?


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