So when do we see the old switcheroo

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Chris Chrisitie has expanded his lead in the Monmouth/Gannett Poll. Last month he lead Corzine by 8 points attracting 45% of the vote to Corzine’s 37. This month, Christie is at the magical 50% mark while Corzine’s support has dropped to 36%.

The number one issue is property taxes. Christie is fortunate no one is paying attention to his own proposals because they are a continuation of the failed Corzine policy of property tax rebates. I suppose the say nothing and do nothing Thomas Dewey campaign will actually work this time but it does nothing to advance the party or actually solve the problems the state faces. Now I am not big on problem solving candidates but continuing the Corzine rebates, and in fact pledging to expand them, but the fix here reuqires no expansion of government or spending. New Jersey is in a state of tax revolt. You don’t need anymore evidence than a Democrtaic Governor down 14 points in the polls. The Christie campaign should be about a gradual, 4 year phase out of the income tax, eliminating COAH and reforming state aide to schools so that suburban districts are not subsidizing urban schools. Gimmick rebates do nothing to address the underlying issues New jersey faces.

State socialism has failed. This maybe the only time in our life the people of New Jersey our willing to listen our ideas. We should be presenting them instead of only parroting Corzine to avoid saying nothing.

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