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*** New polls in NJ Gov race and NY 23 ***

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Public Policy Polling, a democrat party polling outfit, has new polls in the NJ Gov race and the NY 23 special election that show clear momentum for the Republican and Conservative candidates in those races.

Their NJ Gov poll has Christie 47, Corzine 41 and Daggett at 11.

The NY 23 poll has Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman leading the pack with 51% and Democrat Bill Owens with 34% and liberal Dede Scozzafava, who suspended her campaign and today endorsed owners, bringing up the rear with 13%. In a head to head matchup with Owens, Hoffman curbstomps him 54-38.


Some good news for Christie?

Author: Rory B. Bellows

A new Public Policy Report poll out tomorrow shows daggett’s negatives soaring and the number one reason people will come out to vote is to vote against someone. That can’t be good news for Corzine.

Absurd Analysis of the NJ Gov Race

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Leftist House Organ The Nation has a piece by someone named John Nichols that claims Jon Corzine got back in the race because he turned sharply left and Christie ran too hard to the right by catering to the “Religious Right”.

The Nation is free to have their own radical left opinions but they are not free to make up their own facts. The fact of the matter is Christie has not catered to the “Religious Right”. If Christie was so interested in pandering to the religious right, why did he name a pro-choice woman as his running mate? The simple fact is that he has not catered to anyone at all. He has not even run a campaign of any note and does not even have a message as to why he should be elected governor other than that he is not Jon Corzine. Voters have not warmed up to Corzine. He barely tops 40% in the polls and that is consistant with all the polling done in the race going back to the summer. What happened was Christie’s numbers went down because he allowed Jon Corzine to define him. Voters moved from Christie to Daggett. They did not move to Corzine.

Yes, Corzine was able to marshal democratic voters. That got him from like 38% in the polls to 40%. Wow. What a left turn.

Why I will (reluctantly) vote for Chris Christie.

Author: Rory B. Bellows

I have been torn during this election cycle over my vote for Governor. Chris Christie has run an awful campaign. Chris Christie is an establishment liberal. A Christie Governorship will do nothing to build a functioning Republican Party in New Jersey. In short, he will be a lesser version of Christie Whitman, who at least had the good sense to listen to her advisors and base her 1993 campaign around a supply-side 30% in 3 year income tax cut.

For conservatives, there is a protest candidate. Jason Cullen is the type of young conservative we need to come through the ranks. However, I cannot pull the lever for Mr. Cullen as much as I may like his governing philosophy and disapprove of Mr. Christie’s. I do not believe a protest vote in this election will accomplish anything.

The Star-Ledger has endorsed Independent Candidate Chris Daggett. Even Pual Mulshine, whose work I respect greatly, has taken a shine to Mr. Daggett. I have no idea why. Daggett is lying when he says his plan does not increase taxes. It does. He is trying to use the newspeak term of “expanding” the sales tax instead of increasing in the sales tax. He can try and spin it any way he wants but the slaes tax will now be applied to more services and goods. That is raising taxes. While some portions of his platform are laudable, imposing caps on municpial, county and school budgets using the CPI and eliminating property tax rebates, Mr. Daggett is still just another tax increaser and as one of the self-described earliest global warming crusaders in the country, we can expect more New Jersey Republican support for destructive policies of cap and tax.

Moreover, Mr. Daggett is every bit as liberal as Mr. Christie. There is no small government tilt in his ideology or campaing platform. The only thing that separates him from Christie is that he has put out a more detailed property tax cut plan. I do not want ot rehash too much, but I will give myself the old Barry Horrowitz pat on the back for previously posting that all Christie had to do was present a property tax cut plan and he would win going away. Chris Daggett has proposed a plan that increases taxes, but because there is some meat to it, everyone, including a leading conservative clolumnist, went ga-ga over it. Daggett’s plan is awful, but it is the only plan out there at the moment.

This leads me back to Chris Christie. Since I have explained why I cannot vote for the other challengers, I will explain why I will vote for Christie. Two words: Barack Obama. Bob McDonnell is going to curb stomp Creigh Deeds in Virgina. Chris Christie winning in New Jersey, regardless of the quality of the candidate and campaign, would send a clear message that ultra-leftist policy agendas practiced by ultra-leftist politicians is out right now. It would send a clear signal to Democrats in Washington that if they wish to pursue government run health care, cap and tax, pro-union legislation and redistribution of wealth policies, they will pay a steep price at the ballot box next November.

Vote to repudiate big government leftism. Vote, you can even hold your nose when you do so, for Chris Christie.

The Actual FDU Poll is Even Worse News for Christie

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Last night I posted that The Save Jersey Blog broke the news that the latest FDU Poll would have Corzine in the lead with 44% of the vote.

Well, the actual poll results have been released today and the situation is even more dire. Politico reports that Daggett is polling at 17% and Christie favorable/unfavorable is 38/45. This that the campaign is now between Christie and Daggett. Corzine’s numbers are not moving but Christie’s are droppng and Daggett is on the rise. Maybe today’s edorsement by the second largest environmental group will help Christie capture some Daggett voters. Maybe.

What this means is that Christie is going to have to ignore Corzine and attack Daggett. This diminishes Christie’s stature and only further elevates Daggett. This campaign is now an uphill fight for Christie. I am not sure what he can do to turn the momentum around because the dye is pretty close to being cast.