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Pyrrich Victory

Author: Rory B. Bellows

The news that the “Gang of Ten” Democartic Senators had reached a deal to drop the public option from health care “reform” should not be a cause for celebration on the right. Instead, this compromise is actually far worse. Under terms of the deal, people age 55 can buy into Medicare and Medicaid will be expanded to either 133% or 150% of the poverty level.

The stated goal of so called progressives like Bernie Sanders of Vermont, the only avowed socialist in the Senate, is to eventually reach the point of Medicare for all. Now that they have lowered the threshold to 55 years of age, lowering it to 45 years old in a ew years is not much of a leap. After all, what is good for 55 year olds is certainly good enough for 45 years old. And then 35 years. And then 25 years old. And finally, all of us. Medicare is broke. The program is insolvent. The Senators who wish to expand this program have finally admitted they do not care at all about this country or its fiscal condition. Creating a gradle to grave nanny state is what they are after and finances and facts be damned.

Deciding if expanding Medicare or Medicaid is worse is like deciding if dying of stomach cancer or lung cancer is the preferred way to go. Medicaid is aa crushing burden on our states. The CBO estimates that this bill will increase state Medicaid burdens by $25 billion over ten years. In New Jersey we are already facing a $34 billion dollar deficit. Have fun trying to come up with the extra money for Medicaid!


Deal with the Devils

Author: Publius

The AP is reporting that, “Israel and the radical Islamic group Hamas have agreed on a truce to begin Thursday.” What a horrible idea. Yes I said it. Horrible. One, you are acknowledging them by negotiating a peace deal. The only settlement should be an unconditional surrender. Hamas has already declared in the past that it would use any lull in fighting to rearm.

You cannot negotiate with terrorists, you need to wipe them out. Hamas’ objective does not stop at taking the Gaza Strip. They are a Radical Islamic group that is hellbent on destroying Israel. Even the Palestinian government does not support them. What possibly could a peace deal other than total unconditional surrender of Hamas bring? We must talk with our enemies but not to have a temporary stop in the fighting. This is not Iran where you can try and get them to stop using the international community. Even with Iran, you need to have an upper hand as Reagan did with the Soviet Union.

I’m not opposed to talking with our enemies, the problem is how you do it and what your objective is. With Iran we want them to stop producing nukes. What about Hamas? We want them to completely let go of their chokehold on the Gaza Strip, we want them to disband and stop their objective of destroying Israel. And for those that still want to appease terrorists – well, I suppose Hitler stopped with the Sudetenland didn’t he? Yeah… stopped asking what was what he could take.