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Author: Rory B. Bellows

Vote for Chris Christie.

Vote no to debt and No to Question 1.

if you live in VA or NY 23 vote McDonnell or Hoffman.

Take back VA. Take back NJ. Take back the NY 23. Take back this country for constitutionalism. If we sweep these races, every Blue Dog Democrat will be SPRINTING as fast as they can from Obamacare and Cap and Tax.


John Crowley Gets Invloved with Grass Roots Organization

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Princeton businessman John Crowley and former congressional candidate Bill Spadea have teamed up to from Building a New Republican Majority. Spadea will be president and Crowley will be honorary chairman. Some Republicans had hoped Crowley would throw his hat in the ring for the ’08 Senate campaign, but Crowley declined.

Building a New Republican Majority will be involved with supporting and electing Republican candidates at all levels of government in New Jersey. These type of Organizations have proved successful at the National Level. Democrats formed many grass roots organizing groups after the 2000 election, and they were instrumental in their 2006 midterm sweep.

Republicans have been behind the curve with independent grass roots organizations. Having Crowley involved can only help with name brand prestige and fund raising prowess. This is a good day for New Jersey Republicans.