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Author: Rory B. Bellows

Vote for Chris Christie.

Vote no to debt and No to Question 1.

if you live in VA or NY 23 vote McDonnell or Hoffman.

Take back VA. Take back NJ. Take back the NY 23. Take back this country for constitutionalism. If we sweep these races, every Blue Dog Democrat will be SPRINTING as fast as they can from Obamacare and Cap and Tax.


Something that bothered me

Author: Rory B. Bellows

I received my Master in Public Policy this past Sunday and I could not help but notice one significant fact: In this public policy program a course on the constitution was not required. The constitution is the road map for what government can and cannot do, but in this program the constitution was rarely, if ever, mentioned. This is a sympton of disease that prevaed our society, I highly doubt lawmakers at any level of government could even cite the clause in the constitution that authorizes the various actions they propose government take. In this program the focus was always on how government can accomplish various tasks, the questions of why we should do these things and, more importantly, if the document that is supposed to guide public policy allows for these actions was ignored. That’s not to say the program was a bad program, but the mindset of our society has gone off the tracks.

We had a variety of required courses but not one about the constitution. If programs exist to train individuals to be policy “experts”, and maybe the fact that we want to train teams of government experts is a fundamental flaw in and of itselt, a core principle of that training should be scholarship and understanding about the constituion, the debates the framers had when writing it and what the document intends to do. This problem isn’t one that is exclusive to public policy programs, it extends to all levels of education. Americans have very little understanding of the nature of the constitution and the philosophy of government it outlines. Granted, the idea of restrained and limited government has been under assault since the day the federal government came into existance, but that does not mean the document is merely a suggestion as to how government should operate.

Your government considers you an emeny of the state

Author: Rory B. Bellows

The Obama Regime considers anyone who believes in federalism, limited government, is against abortion, is anti-illegal immigration or served in the military a potential terrorist threat. Big Brother is watching you. There is no coincidence this report was published the day before the nation wide tax protests.

In reponse, New York Post Columnist Ralph Peters fired off this wonderful response.

I don’t know about you, but liberals, and some on the right, used to take great joy in being on Nixon’s enemies list. If this administration counts military veterans as the enemy, consider me proud to be with them as an enemey of Obama’s state.

Governor Mark Sanford criticizes Republican “Stimulus” Proposal

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Continuing to prove that he is the consistent free market, fiscally conservative spokesman the GOP has been longing for, South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford, in an interview with ABC’s The Note, spoke out against a proposal made by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to have the federal government back home loans at 4%.

Gov. Sanford rightly identified the problem as taking on debt to solve the problem of debt, think asset monetization, and told ABC “In the long run, it ain’t going to solve the problem… You can have a loan at 4 percent, you can have a loan at 7 percent, but if you’ve got too much debt, at the end of the day, there’s going to be an adjustment,”

Exactly. Crown this man!

Enter Lonegan

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Low tax, limited government and individual liberty advocate Steve Lonegan declared his candidacy for the Governor’s Mansion today.

There is a an opportunity for a legitimate conservative voice in the primary. Chris Christies s brought to you by the same people that sent Dick Zimmer to the slaughter and 54% of New Jersey Republicans rejected the establishment candidate in the primary. If anyone can unify New Jersey conservatives, we can get a legitimate conservative who will sell a low tax, limited government message on the ballot next November.

Mark Sanford in 2012

Author: Rory B. Bellows

The jockeying for the 2012 GOP nomination is going to start very quickly.  The choices will range from strong- Sarah Palin- to avergare- Bobby Jindal- to weak- Mike Huckabe and Mitt Romney. We would like to offer an official endorsement for the candidacy of South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford.  The GOP needs to get back to what got it to the top of the mountain: Individual freedom and limited government.  No current Republican better articulates this than Governor Sanford. 

Last week Governor Sanford testified in frnt of congress with New York Governor David Patterson on the supposed need for a second government stimulus package.  This one would print up a bunch of money to alledgely create jobs by “reinvesting” in infrastructure.  While Paterson was pan hadling for money, Governor Sanford said the following:

“If we simply add more money at this time and in essence bail out what are in some cases unsustainable programs, I think that we end up with real problems down the road

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Mark Sanford in 2012.

New Poll Numbers in New Jersey Show Corzine in Trouble

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Two new Quinnipiac Polls give some insight as to why Governor John Corzine is stumping so hard for Barack Obama: The people of New Jersey want to fire their CEO. Being fired is not something new for Corzine so he has that going for him.

The first poll shows Corzine in a statistical tie with US Attorney Christopher Christie in a hypothetical Gubernatorial match-up. While head to head polls are meaningless before a campaign actually begins, the troubling sign is that Corzine is polling so far below 50%. He only gets 41% support while Christie Garners 40%. Even better news for New Jersey Republicans is that only 37% of voters believe he deserves another term while 50% say he does not.

Corzine earns George Bush-like numbers on the question of has the state improved on his watch? Only 9% of New Jerseyeans think the state is better off than it was in 2005. Coming off the disaster that was the McGreevey Administration where more people went to jail than the entire run of the Sopranos, that is saying something.

New Jersey Democrats are getting a taste of the political environment the Republicans have been dealing with on a national level for the last two election cycles. The opportunity is there for a candidate to redefine what it means to be a Republican in this state. The GOP can redefine itself not as the party of social conservatism, but as a party of limited government and low taxes. Governor Corzine has imposed his “progressive” agenda on the state and people are rejecting it like Robert Mugabe does free elections. The citizenry of the state has opened their eyes to what years of runaway, unchecked liberalism has done to our state. Residents and businesses are fleeing in droves due to high taxes and oppressive regulations. Towns are being crushed under the weight of so-called affordable housing legislation.

The 2009 Republican candidate for governor should be running the Barack Obama campaign. This is the chance to go for broke and actually run as a limited government conservative because the electorate is never going to be more open to it. The Democrat party has spent years demonizing Republicans and conservatives as hatemongers and bible thumpers, and this is a chance to define the Republican Party, and what conservatism, in New Jersey is.