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Pyrrich Victory

Author: Rory B. Bellows

The news that the “Gang of Ten” Democartic Senators had reached a deal to drop the public option from health care “reform” should not be a cause for celebration on the right. Instead, this compromise is actually far worse. Under terms of the deal, people age 55 can buy into Medicare and Medicaid will be expanded to either 133% or 150% of the poverty level.

The stated goal of so called progressives like Bernie Sanders of Vermont, the only avowed socialist in the Senate, is to eventually reach the point of Medicare for all. Now that they have lowered the threshold to 55 years of age, lowering it to 45 years old in a ew years is not much of a leap. After all, what is good for 55 year olds is certainly good enough for 45 years old. And then 35 years. And then 25 years old. And finally, all of us. Medicare is broke. The program is insolvent. The Senators who wish to expand this program have finally admitted they do not care at all about this country or its fiscal condition. Creating a gradle to grave nanny state is what they are after and finances and facts be damned.

Deciding if expanding Medicare or Medicaid is worse is like deciding if dying of stomach cancer or lung cancer is the preferred way to go. Medicaid is aa crushing burden on our states. The CBO estimates that this bill will increase state Medicaid burdens by $25 billion over ten years. In New Jersey we are already facing a $34 billion dollar deficit. Have fun trying to come up with the extra money for Medicaid!


A great idea for GOP Hispanic outreach

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Instead of holding fire on Sotomayor, I think they should for other reasons and I will get into them in my next post, to try to reach out to Hispanic voters, why does the GOP not do the simple thing of support Hispanic candidates?

Down in Florida there is a contested primary to fill the seat of retiring GOP’er Mel Martinez. The first candidate in the race was Former Florida Speaker of the House Marco Rubio. Rubio is a 37 year-old, talk the talk and walk the walk, conservative Cuban. All the enlightened chattering classes say the GOP needs to appeal to younger and Hispanic voters. The GOP has a dynamic, young, Hispanic candidate in a state where you can run as a real conservative and win, so what do they do? The National Republican Senate Campaign Committee endorses liberal Republican Governor Charlie Crist about 4 seconds after he enters the race.

I mention this because today Governor Crist broke his no new taxes pledge when he signed a budget. This was one week after he authored an op-ed piece where he boldly stated “Let there be no doubt–I am a fiscal conservative” to answer charges he was an irresponsible charlatan due to his support of Chairman Obama’s swindle us package. What message does this send to Hispanics when the national Republicans, who had earlier pledged to stay out of primaries, stick the shiv in the ribs of the brightest young Hispanic star the Republican Party has? Instead of dithering over how to attack Judge Sotomayor the Republican Party blew the chance to support, rather than attack, a prominent Hispanic who is all the things we want Republicans to be- sound on fiscal issues- in favor of a man who believes in nothing and he will sell out anyone and everything in order to win an election?

This is an election where the Republican Party can take steps to reclaim the mantle of fiscal responsibility and show openness to Hispanics and the national Republican Party wants to do neither. It’s not like the Democrats have a juggernaut of a candidate lined up. The favorite for their nomination is Congressmen Kendrick Meek. Meek is a telegenic member of the Congressional Black Caucus, but without Obama on the ballot to ignite black turnout it will be an uphill climb for him to defeat any Republican. By supporting Crist the GOP is sending the message that Hispanics are only welcome on its terms and that the national Party has no fundamental disagreements with Chairman Obama and his lackeys in Congress.

Right Message, Flawed Messenger

Author: Rory B. Bellows

What Republican could disagree with Steve Lonegan’s message? He wants local control, an end to onerous mandates like Council on Affordable Housing, a flat tax of less than 3%, an end to corporate taxes, less power for state unions and more economic freedom?

The problem is the messenger. Lonegan often devolves into shouting, high pitched denunciations of Chris Christie. The focus of his campaign has often been on keeping liberals like Chris Christie off the ballot and not electing solid conservatives like himself. You never win a campaign when your core message is the other guy sucks. Granted, Lonegan entered this campaign as a decided underdog. However, a no name conservative State Senator like Joe Pennacio got 40% of the vote in a Republican primary for Senate last summer. Libertarian conservative Murray Sabrin received 14%, and that was with a slash and burn kamikaze effort that was the worst run campaign since Pickett’s charge (For full disclosure I proudly voted for Prof. Sabrin’s ideals of limited government and freedom. Combined that is 54% of the primary electorate. There is a sizeable base in the New Jersey Republican primary electorate that is conservatives of some varying degree. A positive, message based campaign could have reached those people and elevated Lonegan to the status of serious contender.

I have often been critical of the state party establishment in this space. And they deserve it. They have put forth bad candidates, run awful campaigns and are 0 fer the last 8 years. The 54% of the primary electorate that identify with conservative candidates are not enough to win a general election. While you don’t have to compromise on your beliefs to reach the other 46%, you don’t have to antagonize. And antagonizing the party establishment means a fractured party in the fall. A fractured party in the fall is the only way the Republican Candidate can lose to a washed up stiff like Jon the Taxer. The public hates him and if he wasn’t paying Carla Katz Arod type money I’m sure she would hate him.

It may be too late but Lonegan needs to keep driving his message and let the chips from the Christie “scandals” fall where they may.

Arlen Specter switches to the Dems

Author: Rory B. Bellows

Worried about being primaried out by former Congressmen Pat Toomey, Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter has taken the coward’s way out and switched to the Democrtas.

Congress wants to steal more of your money

Author: Rory B. Bellows

There is an old saying that if something moves you regulate it and if it keeps moving you tax it. The United States Congress can be sure to adhere to this principle, its probably the only one they value, and now they have a new scheme: no more tax free online shopping. Congress is scheduled to debate a

Ding Dong, Card Check is dead!

Author: Rory B. Bellows

PA Senator Arlen Specter dealt card check, the method by which unions would eliminate the secret ballot to determine unionization, a death blow with his announcement that he would not support the measure. Without Specter, the Dems and their union masters will not be able to break a filibuster.

GOP Senators who will not vote for the swindle us package

Author: Rory B. Bellows

The List:

Senator Bond

Senator Chambliss

Senator Coburn

Senator Cornyn

Senator DeMint

Senator Ensign

Senator Graham

Senator Inhoffe

Senator Sessions

Senator Shelby

Senator Thune

Senator Vitter

Senator Voinovich

This list needs to expand untill it reaches 51 votes, enough to defeat this swindle us package, and save us from a $900 billion dollar theft under the guise of economic stimulus.

Every GOP Senator would be wise to vote against this bill because we are in the beginning of a depression and in 2010 we’ll be longing for the days of Herbert Hoover. Opposing Obama will be on the right side of the principles of economics and history.